When disengagement and burnout are visible above the surface...


identifies the causes under the surface.

Building Resilient, High Performing Clinical and Corporate Teams

with our proven program to reduce burnout, increase leadership effectiveness, and improve workplace culture


Reduce Burnout and Turnover


Ensure High Quality Client Care


Improve Team Relationships


Increase Employee Engagement

"I feel like I'm significantly more resilient now.

I became a better leader and manager, I learned how to delegate, how to take away some of the responsibilities that were weighing on me, how to give them to the team.

I can tell you the difference - it's night and day now.  I would never have thought that it would happen!"

Katherine Dietrich, M.D. - Medical Director, Palliative Care Services - St. Vincent Healthcare

"Our entire group moved from "at risk" on the Mayo Wellbeing Index to solidly stable in just 3 months.

That was huge.  We've had leaders who have seen significant positive change in their ability to lead their groups of physicians, interact with patients and interact with the hospital."

Michael Bush, M.D., FACEP - Chief Medical Officer, St. Vincent & Holy Rosary Healthcare

"Hiring Elation was one of the best decisions we made when it came to engaging an outside leadership performance company.

We cut our turnover ratio by over half to 14.29%, saving the bank over $150,000 in turnover costs.  We witnessed improved teamwork, innovative and solution-focused employees, a desire to promote within the company, and more effective management."

Ty Nelson - First Bank, a division of Glacier Bank

Ready for High Performing Teams?

Our Assessment + Executive Coaching + Mindset Training has a 100% success rate in healthcare and corporate teams.  Here's why:


Comprehensive Assessments showing key stressors that affect performance


Confidential One-on-One Coaching from our certified executive coaches


Group Facilitations to learn and apply our Master Your Mindset® content


Ongoing Performance Metrics showing progress in real time

Why Resilience is Essential

For Healthcare Professionals:

For Corporate Leaders and Employees:


Reduced Physician Turnover: With less turnover, you'll also avoid recruiting costs, paid moving costs, time off costs, and losing patients.


Reduced Patient Re-admissions: Patients heal more quickly when they get the care they need from doctors who are performing well.


Reduced Medical Mistakes: Overworked and fatigued clinical staff have been shown to lead to increased medical errors.


Higher HCAHPS: Higher patient satisfaction scores mean higher reimbursement rates.


Improve Effectiveness and Performance: Unleash the potential of your workforce while reducing turnover and building a positive workplace culture.


Increase Employee Engagement: Employees who have an empowered, engaged mindset contribute exponentially more.


Improved Customer Success: Burnout and low engagement means employees give you their hours and not their energy.


Higher Workplace Score: Quality hires are much easier to onboard when your culture has public, positive reviews.

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