What is ‘Coaching’?

Written by Katlynn R., client of Elation. Posted with permission.

Sometimes in life, dreams seem to be very far out of reach.

Maybe even forgotten. Maybe, they just become such a vague idea of something we want that we don’t even know it’s a dream or goal anymore. So what do we do? How to we get to those goals?

For years I thought the answer was to keep pushing through. Sure that resolve, that persistent drive, is important, but it wasn’t getting me where I wanted to be any faster. Then, by luck or by fate, a little over a year ago I was selected to be in a leadership program through my work place. Included in that program was leadership training with Elation and personal coaching sessions.

 Take what you can from your dreams, make them as real as anything. Dave Matthews

Now to be fair, when I heard I would be assigned to a coach, I wasn’t exactly thrilled. I imagined high school gym coaches yelling at me, or worse yet some tasteless person who would present me with nothing but cliché “magic” answers to all life’s problems. Thankfully, Elation came in and did a quick presentation on what they do and who they were. Despite my remaining apprehension regarding coaching, I was pleasantly surprised by that first glimpse and kept an open mind for the first session.

It didn’t take long to prove my expectations false. Far from cliché, my coach started and kept up an open and honest conversation with me. I shared with her the goals and dreams I knew of. In return, she helped me to discover reasonable, small, highly effective tools to achieving those dreams.

In fact, she really just pulled out of me all that I needed and had hidden away inside. She provided accountability for me, so that I could turn those new ideas and goals into habits. Habits that I continue to keep up with more than a year since our last session together. She even allowed me to realize new goals and dreams I had never really considered before.

At this point, I don’t think I could possibly rate how much the Leadership training, and especially the coaching, that I received through Elation has amplified my life. I have knowledge now on how to achieve the success, both personally and professionally, I have always dreamed of. I continue to take steps towards my goals and push myself on to higher goals. I can’t thank Elation enough!