What Does Your Life Speak?

What is my life going to speak? When I think about this question I begin to wonder what my life/ lifestyle communicates to people. What do I talk about on a consistent basis? When I communicate with people what do they walk away with? Is my life’s mission communicated through the way that I live?

It is easy for us as leaders to have our messages lost in a sea of words. Have you ever been in a meeting with someone who speaks, but no words come out?  They leave their audience in a wake of half baked syllables and ideas.

What would it look like if we were to pause? To stop and craft the words that we use? To think before we speak?  What if we were AWARE of the effectiveness and ineffectiveness of our communication?

One of the key concepts that we talk about in our Engagements at Elation is the fact that our words create our worlds. It’s easy to mindlessly go through the motions, to go back to our hardwired patterns of thinking. Pay attention to the language that you are using today.