What Coaching Can Do For You

What does your current state look like?  If you are like many of my clients it might sound something like the following:

I have too many meetings; not enough time; too much to do; I am pulled in a million directions; I can’t focus, I don’t even know what my priorities are, let alone know how to prioritize.  I am not quite clicking on all cylinders, and not as effective as I would like to be, and I am not getting the results I want.  I end up reacting to life, instead of controlling it.

You want to change, but what you are doing right now isn’t working and you don’t know why.  you don’t know what to do differently.  I would imagine that you have received advice from experts, read books, and researched to the ends of google. Are you on information overload?  And, tired of accidentally ending up at your destination?

…..its time to end up somewhere on purpose.

ENTER COACHING:  You don’t know what you are looking for because you are in the middle of it.  One of the most frustrating parts about change is the answer is almost always right in front of you, like the air that you are inhaling and exhaling right now…..you just don’t see it.

What would it look like if…….
You had an opportunity to see, really see how you can get better?  To have aha moments that lead to real, lasting, change.  Coaching can help accelerate your growth….it’s as simple as that.

HOW COACHING WORKS (awareness-choice-practice):  When you start the coaching relationship you will begin to recognize areas that you want to change or tweak by breaking default habits; owning your time; taking small steps forward; and taking back your attention with intention.

Coaching is about:

  • Your insights…..
  • Your path/ direction…..
  • Your content…..
  • Your dreams…..
  • Your desires…..
  • Your work…..
  • Your learning…..
  • Your solutions

Your coach comes along side of you and helps push you, encourage you, guide you, create new habits, and stretch your thinking.  We meet you where you are and help you figure out where you want to go.  Coaching can address your personal or your professional development!

Find and fulfill your potential. Start working with an Elation coach today!