"We become leaders the day we decide to help people grow."

~ Simon Sinek              


Accurately assessing the wellbeing of your organization is essential. Elation provides powerful tools and services to help your teams perform better.


For over a decade, we have used applied neuroscience, mindset research, and psychometrics to optimize individual, team and organizational performance.

We specialize in:

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Rapidly assessing wellbeing and performance potential

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Correlating this unique data with your team performance metrics

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Improving wellbeing, engagement and talent retention

What Can the Wellbeing Workbench™ Do for You?

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Step 1: Elation's Adaptive Wellbeing Psychometric (AWP) Assessment Tool

Based on the latest innovations in applied neuroscience and mindset research, this validated tool identifies key influencers of human performance and wellbeing.

In less than 10 minutes, we provide each participant with a personalized and confidential report with unique wellbeing insights upon completion of the assessment.

Take a quick assessment to get YOUR score and personal report listing your unique wellbeing influencers.

Individual Reports
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Step 2: Roll-up of Anonymous Individual Data into an Organizational Group Report

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The group report identifies overall themes and elements that may be impacting engagement and readiness...

including challenges, opportunities, blind spots, and hot spots that need to be addressed, and cultural leadership and insights that are actionable.

Group Report
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Step 3: Wellbeing Workbench Visualization

No more searching through spreadsheets and endless lists of data to help define your Human Capital and Talent Strategy.

The Wellbeing Workbench™ provides an interactive visualization platform to easily explore and more accurately understand Workforce Wellbeing and the WHY behind employee engagement (and disengagement).

We can then integrate with your existing HR data and internal KPI's to create an even more powerful decision-making tool.

Wellbeing Workbench
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