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What is Physician-informed Organizational Resilience (PiOR)?

An integrative approach that can successfully address this challenge both individual and systematic resilience, simultaneously.

  • Physician-informed - All efforts involve and are informed by physicians, dramatically increasing the likelihood for success and sustainability.
  • Organizational Resilience - Focus on structures and practices that meaningfully support physicians while minimizing the impact of systemic stressors.

PiOR Uses Three Key Elements that Involve Physicians and Administrators


PiOR In Action: A Case Study with St. Vincent Healthcare & SCL Health in Montana

In a three-month pilot rollout of PiOR in a large healthcare system in the northern plains region, we engendered an extraordinary level of physician engagement.

Some physicians questioned whether they should participate, saying that they felt almost completely burned out.

Despite concerns that the physicians might devote only a minimal amount of time to their coaching, we found that virtually no session lasted less than an hour, and some were close to two hours.

The physicians felt the work with Elation stood out as substantially different from anything they had been exposed to, and participation in the facilitated sessions increased over time.

Download a copy of the Physician Resilience Study. The following graphs are excerpts from this study.

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