Show Up On Purpose

In the game of volleyball the serve is the only thing that you can control. The athlete chooses how they will serve the ball…..short, deep, top spin, float……and they get to choose the zone that they serve the ball to. This is also true of our leadership. We get to choose how we serve, where we serve, how much we serve. But, NOTHING changes unless we get involved. We must step up and lead.

2017 has just started, which means this is the PERFECT time for us to think about the changes we want to make in the coming year.  How do we want to lead and connect with the people around us?

Organizational life can be difficult, daunting, and exhausting, but it can also be rewarding, fun, and life giving. We must make the conscious choice to show up fully. We must help the people around us by building health and engagement into our organizational culture. We need to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and others. How do our passions connect? How do our lives and our stories collide?

In the coming days I want you to think about your ‘serve’ (leadership).  You get to control it and choose the style you want to use.  So how are you going to begin to improve it?  What practical steps can you begin taking today to improve your leadership and influence?