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The Consequences of our Addiction to Being Right

Aligning What We Do With Why We Do It

How Automatic Thoughts Get in the Way of Your Goals

Why Change is so Hard for your Brain 

Why Positivity Is a Requirement for Lasting Change

Suggested Talks

The social brain and its superpowers: Matthew Lieberman

SCARF Model - Influencing Others: David Rock

The Science of Willpower: Kelly McGonigal

Grit: The power of passion and perseverance: Angela Lee Duckworth

Do schools kill creativity? Ken Robinson

How great leaders inspire action: Simon Sinek

Everyday Leadership: Drew Dudley

Mindfulness: Hosted by Anderson Cooper

Well being is a Skill: Richard Davidson

The power of believing that you can improve: Carol Dweck

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Suggested Articles and Journals

Neuroscience and How it applies to Leadership:

Fast and Slow Thinking:


The Neuroscience of Mindfulness:

(Default/narrative and direct experience content)

Examples of Mindfulness and Meditation in place:

Positive and Negative view

Breaking Bias

 Talent Development

Social Brain

Primal Leadership (Emotional Intelligence)

Mindset Shift