Physican-informed Organizational Resilience

Three Key Elements that Involve Physicians and Administrators


FourCore Diagnostic

The PiOR approach begins with the powerful FourCore Diagnostic, designed by a team of neuroscientists, led by a clinical neurologist.


Confidential One-on-One Coaching

Next, physicians will receive confidential one-on-one coaching from a certified executive coach.


Collaborative Group Facilitation

... during which, physicians and administrators co-design methods to reduce burnout and increase organizational resilience.

An Affordable, Flexible Phased Approach

The results of the FourCore Diagnostic and an initial data-gathering phase provide a roadmap that guides the work to be done in subsequent phases.

The work with individual physicians is designed to deliver immediate benefit, to ensure a high participation-rate throughout the process.

The design of each phase is predicated on the results of the prior stage, allowing for nimble and responsive implementation.

Budgets and desired outcomes guide investment decisions at each step of the process, allowing for acceleration or deceleration depending on exigent circumstances.

Accelerate Your Existing Efforts

Every healthcare institution has numerous initiatives underway at any given time.

Elation has designed PiOR to accelerate complementary initiatives by increasing the engagement of participants and helping to focus on accomplishing specific outcomes.


PiOR works with, not against, your other organizational initiatives.

Every PiOR Engagement has resulted in a statistically-significant improvement in wellbeing and resilience.

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