"Our healthcare system takes some of the world's most resilient people and burns them out."

Elation offers a scalable model for dealing with burnout with services that span from private, confidential, individual coaching to organization-wide engagements.



Individual Coaching

Elation's Master Your Mindset Methodology© provides participants with a deep understanding of how thinking drives effectiveness and reveals how we can change our thoughts to better achieve the outcomes we seek. Agile thinkers become more effective leaders.

Master Your Mindset© coaching is individualized to address specific issues and circumstances. With a 100% success rate, we have an impressive track record of improving wellbeing in our participants.

Katherine Dietrich, M.D.

Medical Director, Palliative Care Services - St. Vincent Healthcare

"I feel like I am significantly more resilient now.  I became a better leader and manager, I learned how to delegate, how to take away some of the responsibilities that were weighing on me, and how to give them to the team.

I can't tell you the difference - it's night and day now.  I would never have thought that it would happen!"

Michael Bush, M.D. FACEP

Chief Medical Officer, St. Vincent & Holy Rosary Healthcare

"Our entire group moved from "at risk" on the Mayo Wellbeing Index to solidly stable in just 3 months.

That was huge.  We've had leaders who have seen significant positive change in their ability to lead their groups of physicians, interact with patients and interact with the hospital."

Complimentary Wellbeing Assessment

Elation's adaptive assessment tool (designed especially for healthcare workers) takes about 10 minutes to complete and focuses on the most common organizational and individual stressors and buffers in an effort to reduce burnout and improve performance.


Upon completion of the assessment, participants receive a personal report. Data from individual assessments can also be aggregated into an group report for broader purposes.


50% of physicians experience clinically diagnoseable signs of burnout.


48% of nurses experience clinically diagnoseable signs of burnout.

Physicians Recommending
a Career in Healthcare

In a survey of 5000 physicians, only 10% would recommend healthcare as a profession.*

Success Rate

With a 100% success rate, Elation has an impressive track record for improving wellbeing in our participants

Creating Resilience: The Leadership Mindset

Neuroscience and mindset research are helping us understand the leadership practices and behaviors that drive the outcomes we seek AND avoid those that undermine the results we desire...


  • Relate your current thinking to the outcomes you get today
  • Selectively suspend your brain’s desire to run on auto-pilot
  • Use mindfulness to sharpen your clarity
  • Adjust your world view to make it easier to achieve your goals
  • Improve personal responsibility to reduce stress
  • Apply research regarding the social brain to improve relationships
  • Regulate emotions to make better choices
  • Change your ‘inner dialogue’ to transform your thinking
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Amber Ussin-Davey is an executive coach and a licensed therapist with over 20 years experience in human development, trauma recovery, and resiliency building. She focuses on using applied neuroscience, whole person wellness and mindfulness practices to help clients assert their voice and actualize their strengths.

Amber’s coaching style can be described as calming and reflective. Her unique combination of expertise as a therapist and as an executive coach allow her to masterfully explore growth and coaching opportunities for her clients.

She has effectively supported clients dealing with trauma, chronic health and relationship issues as well as depression and anxiety.

  • College of Executive Coaching Advanced Certified Personal and Executive Coach
  • EMDR Therapy Trained Practitioner
  • Practitioner of Cognitive/Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Mike Woods

Jerry Dunning

Betsy Spomer

Amber Ussin-Davey

Carlos Arce

Ty Nelson

President, First Bank (a division of Glacier Bank)

"Hiring Elation was one of the best decisions we made when it comes to engaging an outside leadership performance company.  The results: We cut our turnover ratio by over half to 14.29%, saving our organization over $150,000 in turnover costs.  The ROI is almost unquantifiable.


Some of the improvements internally: improved teamwork, innovative and solution-focused employees, a desire to promote within the company, and more effective management."

Chris Dimock

Elation CEO & Founder

"We now know from neuroscience that changing how we think helps to get better outcomes in life.  It worked with my own companies - and after 8 years of success, I know it will work for your team.

After spending thousands on 'team culture' consultants, I knew there must be a better way.  I found that the key is to change your team's mindset, not just their behavior.  Our Master Your Mindset Method combines the best resources to do just that."

Physician-informed Organizational Resilience

Our 90-day Physician-informed Organizational Resilience (PiOR) program can be delivered to cohorts of physicians, intact clinical teams, or custom-designed to fit a specific targeted need.  We have had a 100% track record of improving wellbeing in the cohorts we have worked with.

  • A powerful pre & post assessment of 60+ drivers of resilience and wellbeing


  • Group facilitations (via Zoom) that focus on applying the science of human performance to the client’s organization


  • Individual Master Your Mindset® coaching for each participant to address specific issues and circumstances

“I realized I wasn’t in my own silo, experiencing my own problems...a lot of other physicians in different walks of life were experiencing and encountering the same frustrations.”


Chief Hospitalist - St. Vincent Healthcare / PiOR Participant



Elation’s Wellbeing Workbench assessment was developed specifically for the unique situation that we face today. It analyzes key areas within the lives of healthcare workers to evaluate overall wellbeing and pinpoint areas of concern.



Neuroscience and mindset research are helping us understand the leadership practices and behaviors that drive the outcomes we seek AND avoid those that undermine the results we desire.



Elation helps clients build and maintain a high performing business culture, where people have the skills and thinking to effectively do their best work.

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