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We're a diverse group of business leaders, educators, and entrepreneurs who believe that the more we understand about our own thinking, the more we can live the lives we desire.  We believe that most business practices intending to improve performance are incomplete because they focus on just changing behaviors.  As a result, we believe that they waste huge amounts of money, time and human potential... and we know we can do better!

Chris Dimock


Michaele Dimock

Accounting & Finance Coordinator

Carlos Arce

Chief Engagement Officer

Vu Pham

COO / General Counsel

Thom Clark

Chief Commercial Officer

Jerry Dunning

Executive Coach

Betsy Spomer

Executive Coach

Mike Woods

Executive Coach

Amber Ussin-Davey

Executive Coach

Juri Chabursky

Chief Growth Officer

Charl Jacobs

Organizational Psychologist / Psychometrist

James Dowdell

Chief Technology Officer

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