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"I have successfully influenced the creation of high performing and engaged workplace cultures. I do this by improving the performance and effectiveness of their leaders and staff. As an organizational and leadership development professional, I've spent my career learning and applying the best methods, science and research to optimize human performance. Fundamentally, I'm a coach and teacher that inspires individuals and teams to achieve extraordinary outcomes."  ~ Carlos Arce


Carlos Arce

Chief Learning and Engagement Officer

Thinking is the primary driver of performance. Neuroscience and mindset research explains why many of our efforts to improve human performance fall short and others exceed our expectations. Carlos loves to innovate and design learning processes and interventions that disrupt obsolete and mediocre practices. His expertise in Lean Six Sigma, Service Excellence and Organizational Development allows him to optimize business outcomes and develop thriving workplace cultures.

As a former Chief Learning Officer for a nationally recognized healthcare organization, Carlos was responsible for all the organizational and leadership development efforts in areas of service, leadership, and quality.

Organizational Performance Solutions

We want the best from our people and yet many of our most common approaches don't get us the results we need. Whether it be our efforts to create workforce efficiencies, more effective leaders, more productive meetings or just improved communication in our daily interactions, there is a better way to get the outcomes we want. As Elation's Chief Learning and Engagement Officer, Carlos Arce can help you get the most from your greatest investment - your people.

Monday, October 12, 2015.
Monday, October 12, 2015.

Carlos creates customized solutions based on key learnings from neuroscience to improve performance in a number of subjects ranging from high level strategic planning down to training new employees.

Facilitation workshops and sessions, along with individualized coaching and business consulting, are carefully integrated to help the organization and leaders improve performance and outcomes.

Carlos meets regularly with the clients to assess progress and adapt as needed.

Each engagement can be customized; however, he typically begins with focusing on the key leadership team. We know that leaders often have the most impact on the culture and communication at an organization.

As you desire to expand our work together, we can cascade the engagement throughout your organization.

Meetings and Events

Carlos Arce has helped design and facilitate Statewide Conferences, Focus Groups, Annual Meetings and Planning Sessions. He focuses on:

Learning, neuroscience, and engagement to improve participant experience, resulting in meaningful outcomes and improvements

Creating time and space for attendees to generate actionable takeaways

Methodologies proven to focus on strategies and solutions

Intentional activities and breakout sessions.

Meaningful dialogue between participants

Building relationships between organizers, vendors, and attendees

Keynotes and Workshops

Keynote presentations are generally a 1-hour presentation highlighting a single area of focus.  Workshop sessions range from a half day or full day to multiple days. Participants dig deeper into the content and are provided practical, hands-on application.  Focus is on:

Improving leadership effectiveness through neuroscience

Embracing change

Effectively engaging multi-generations in the workforce

Improving employee engagement

Building intentional workplace culture

Customized sessions that foucs on your specific needs

Workforce Performance Solutions
Workforce Performance Solutions.
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