Hometown/Current City: Princeton, NJ / Cody, WY

College: Boston University

Michaele graduated from Boston University in 1981 with a BS in Management Information Systems; and immediately went to work for United Information Services, creating computer accounting programs for New England Telephone and AT&T.

Michaele left the corporate world as the Dimock family grew by three children, and she spent the next twelve years homeschooling Stephen, Heather and Tyler; while also volunteering in projects such as raising money to build a community playground, organizing playgroups, starting a recycling committee, and beautifying downtown Georgetown, Massachusetts through the local garden club.

In 1995, the family left Massachusetts for Billings, Montana to create one of Montana and Wyoming’s first Internet companies – Western Technology Partners. Michaele took over the financial duties of the company while continuing to homeschool the children.

With the founding of It’s Elation Inc. in 2012, Michaele once again volunteered to keep the books for the company and support her wonderful husband Chris of 36 years. That support also includes putting her computer skills to work by updating the website and creating its on-line coach on-boarding course.

Michaele’s passion is her horses, all of whom live a comfortable life on their Cody, Wyoming ranch. The “horse bug” bit her as a 5 year old and 50 years later it still calls her name. She studied under Anna Twinney for nine years and is a “Reach Out to Horses” certified trainer. Michaele also enjoys driving draft horse teams, has studied dressage for many years, and rides the beautiful Wyoming mountain trails on big half-Belgians, little Icelandic horses, and everything in between. Since 2009, she has served as a board member for Friends of a Legacy, a grass-roots non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve and protect the wild horses of the McCullough Peaks in Cody, Wyoming.

Michaele’s dream is to incorporate the key concepts taught by Elation into her equine facilitated classes, and offer those classes to its clients.