Master Your Mindset to Build Resilient Clinical Teams

Burnout is described as long-term, unresolvable job-related stress that leads to exhaustion, cynicism, feelings of detachment from one’s job responsibilities, and lack of a sense of personal accomplishment. Nowhere has this perilous condition been more prominent than in our healthcare industry. Burnout by physicians, nurses, and other front-line healthcare providers was already at crisis levels before the COVID-19 pandemic, and more than two-thirds of healthcare workers reported feeling burnt out in 2020, according to the Medical Economics Journal. If unaddressed, burnout affects both the professional and personal lives of those working in the healthcare industry at a time when their expertise is needed more than ever.


For healthcare workers and institutions that wish to combat burnout, Elation's Master Your Mindset® Methodology provides a deep understanding of how thinking drives effective performance and reveals how changing thought patterns can lead to better outcomes, achievements, and leadership. Our individualized coaching addresses specific circumstances for each participant’s situation to reveal and expand upon the behaviors that drive the positive outcomes they seek while avoiding outcomes that undermine desired results.

Elation is proud to say that we have a 100% success rate of improving wellbeing in the cohorts of frontline healthcare workers, intact clinical teams, and healthcare system leaders that have participated in our programs. Part of the incredible success of our Master Your Mindset® Methodology is our skill in helping our clients create actionable insights using what we know from validated neuroscience. Applied to each unique situation, these themes help clients build and maintain a high-performing business culture where people have the skills, mindset, and support to effectively do their best work. Want to build a resilient, sustainable workforce culture that strengthens your organization during times of intense pressure? Learn how Elation can help.