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Elation Uses Brain-Based Methods To Engage Leaders and Staff

Neuroscience helps us understand how the brain responds to change, stress, threat, reward... it provides powerful knowledge for companies and leaders to more effectively engage their workforce and get the best from their staff.

Mindset research explains how our minds are the primary influencer of our perceptions, emotions and actions.

  • Once someone starts to understand how their own thinking impacts their performance, they have the ability to unleash their true potential.

At Elation, we understand that changing how we think requires a deliberate process:

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Executive Coaching

Using the latest applications of neuroscience, our Mindset Executive Coaching program provides an effective pathway to a permanent mindset shift and ability to improve the performance of your employees

Workforce Performance Solutions

Elation can create customized solutions based on key learnings from neuroscience to improve performance in a number of subjects ranging from high level strategic planning down to training new employees

Meeting Design & Facilitation

Full conference or single session design that focuses on learning, neuroscience and engagement to improve participant experience, resulting in meaningful outcomes and improvements

Keynotes & Workshops

Learn how to improve individual performance and bring organizational success to a new level by applying brain science and mindset research

Workforce Performance Solutions.

So Why Would You Want to Work with Elation?

We take all the brain and mindset research and translate it into real applications for business. Our Master Your Mindset product captures the most impactful and applicable pieces of brain and mindset research for companies.

We’re practitioners not researchers.  We’re not biased by our own research or limited to promoting any one source of research.  We do whatever creates the best outcomes for our clients as quickly and affordably as possible.


“Hiring Elation was one of the best decisions we made when it comes to engaging an outside leadership performance company. They have assisted our bank all the way to our front line teams and guided them to the insights on becoming more effective employees in our organization. The results: We cut our turnover ratio by over half in 2016 to 14.29%, saving the bank over $150,000 in turnover cost. I’m working to expand our relationship with Elation beyond our bank to include our holding company where the estimated annual turnover cost in 2016 exceeded $7 million. The holding company could save millions of dollars that drop directly to the bottom line. The most noticeable improvement at our bank was on the teller line, where we experienced a turnover ratio of 0% for the first 11 months of 2016, this was a first in our 105 year history.

“The ROI is almost unquantifiable. Some of the improvements internally: improved teamwork, innovative and solution focused employees, a desire to promote within the company, management is more effective because they are improving processes, not training a new employee or dealing with an upset one.

“ROI in the community: loyal and satisfied customers, referrals, our tellers love talking to friends and family in our markets about working for our bank, so much so, that other tellers in the market now want to work for us! We now consider Elation to be part of our executive team -- if we have some issues or need a refresher workshop, we call them up. We consider them as an investment in our people -- and a good one.”

Tyler Nelson, President, First Bank

“We’ve gone from some very frustrating two and three hour meetings to meetings that are now focused and intentional. My team is a well organized and resourceful group of individuals that totally understands the mission of the company.”

Jeryl Schneider, VP, Tamarack Property Management

“It’s a win-win: our employees feel more valued, and in turn they have more energy and willingness to engage around their work and interactions. The coaching is a huge part of the overall success.”

Billie Ruff, Owner, The Travel Café

“Elation’s fresh approach to organizational challenges has helped our leadership team to view our company and our work from new perspectives. We interact more productively now, resulting in a much more unified mindset for our team.”

Gary Mills, First Bank of Wyoming

“The engagement caused us to work closer together and build a relationship between the owners and management team that was never there before. People are more purposeful in how they’re interacting with others, and there is no emotional “drainage” taking place, resulting in much less tension in the workplace.”

Craig Bartholomew, Managing Partner, 360 Office Solutions