When disengagement, retention issues, and burnout are visible above the surface...


identifies and shows you the causes under the surface.

Building Resilient, High Performance Teams

starts with an accurate assessment and visualization of your organization's wellbeing in an affordable and scalable way.

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What is Your Level of Wellbeing?

Take the Adaptive Wellbeing Psychometric (AWP) Assessment to get your score, along with some of your top stressors and buffers.


Your data, and the input from your collegues and teams,

will power our innovative "Wellbeing Workbench™, effectively creating an

"Organization-wide P&L of Wellbeing"

Ready for High Performing Teams?

Our Psychometric Assessment + Data Visualization + Master Your Mindset™ Methodology has a 100% success rate across our clients. Here's why:


Comprehensive Assessments showing key stressors that affect performance and buffers that enhance your ability to stay resilient.

Wellbeing Workbench™ metrics showing progress in real time.

Group Facilitations to learn and apply our Master Your Mindset® content.

Why Resilience is Essential

For Healthcare Professionals:

For Team Leaders and Employees:

Reduced Provider Turnover: With less turnover you'll avoid substantial costs, including recruitment, training, onboarding, and loss of productivity and service line inefficiency.

Improve Effectiveness and Performance: Unleash the potential of your leadership and team while reducing turnover and building a positive workplace culture.

Reduced Re-admissions: Patient outcomes improve when they get the care they need from doctors, nurses and frontline staff who are performing well.

Increased Engagement: Employees and colleagues who have an empowered, engaged mindset contribute exponentially more.

Reduced Medical Errors: Overworked and fatigued clinical staff have been shown to make increased medical errors leading to poorer quality of care.

Improved Customer Success: Burnout and low engagement mean your team give you and your customers their hours and not their energy.

Higher HCAHPS: Higher patient satisfaction scores mean higher reimbursement rates under many current programs.

Higher Employee Satisfaction Score: Building a high-performing culture leads to recognition and your organization becoming a destination workplace or team.

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