Make Yourself Uncomfortable

“What is one thing you could do, at practice today, that will make you uncomfortable to help us get better?” That is the question that my dad asked each one of his players at the beginning of a volleyball practice. Each girl pondered for a few moments, then answered this somewhat difficult question. For some of…

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The Mindset of Engagement

Last night I went to the mall for the first time in several months and was reminded why I stay away from that place.  My husband and I were on the hunt for some professional clothing items for an upcoming press event. Each retail store we stepped into provided similar experiences. Retail Store #1: The first…

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Scaffolding for Self-Awareness


I was driving home from work the last week when I noticed some exterior work happening at an office building. There was scaffolding in place to help with the work the crew was doing. I drove away thinking about how critical that scaffolding is to the success of their work. Scaffolding provides some temporary support and…

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