The Mindset of Engagement

Last night I went to the mall for the first time in several months and was reminded why I stay away from that place.  My husband and I were on the hunt for some professional clothing items for an upcoming press event. Each retail store we stepped into provided similar experiences. Retail Store #1: The first…

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Practice Makes Perfect


I had the unique opportunity to play and coach college volleyball. As an athlete I would spend hours upon hours practicing for game day. In fact, the other day I attempted to count the number of hours I spent practicing. I started playing volleyball in sixth grade and finished playing when I was 26 years…

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How to start your day over


For several years in my life I had a weird habit.  During my morning routine, if something negative happened, I would think to myself, “It’s going to be one of THOSE days!”  When a second negative thing happened, I knew my day was doomed. Funny thing is I was usually right as I would spend the day looking…

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Negativity, Threat and Spiders


I recently read a Facebook post that asked the question, “Why is negativity so much stickier than positivity?”. The short answer is because we have a brain. Yes, blame it on your brain. After all, the brain’s primary operating principle is “Safety First”. The brain is wired to continually scan the environment in search of potential threats.…

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Going to College


I was walking to my favorite lunch spot when I saw a sign that read, “We are closed today. Kaitlin’s going to college!” That same day I saw a Facebook photo of a dear friend standing in the airport sending her daughter away to college in New York City. I was struck by the sense of excitement I felt from…

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Technically Mindful


At Elation we talk a lot about mindfulness. But, I still find myself asking questions like, “How do you do it?” and “What impact does it have anyway?” Mindfulness has been defined by many well known people.  Take a look at this article by UC Berkley and the included video featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn if you need…

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I want to…..I think?

Maybe it’s more critical like kicking a smoking habit. But what holds us back on actually following through on our intentions? I’ll bet ideas around your best laid plans are coming to mind as we speak. I call this the difference between wanting to do something, and actually doing it. I lovingly describe it as having…

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