3 Surprising Insights About Negative Emotions


Josh Davis, in his book Two Awesome Hours discusses how paying attention to our emotions can help us be more productive and effective. He points out that many of the tasks we perform have an emotional component or elicit emotions—mild or strong, positive or negative. Since emotions greatly affect how we perform, understanding them a…

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The Mindset of Engagement

Last night I went to the mall for the first time in several months and was reminded why I stay away from that place.  My husband and I were on the hunt for some professional clothing items for an upcoming press event. Each retail store we stepped into provided similar experiences. Retail Store #1: The first…

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Going to College


I was walking to my favorite lunch spot when I saw a sign that read, “We are closed today. Kaitlin’s going to college!” That same day I saw a Facebook photo of a dear friend standing in the airport sending her daughter away to college in New York City. I was struck by the sense of excitement I felt from…

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Sad Soul


I want to tell you a story.  It’s a story of a sad soul.  Her entire life she never felt like she was good enough.  Life had taken it’s toll on her.  Keeping her hostage from freedom and happiness.  When I met this sad soul, I listened to connect.  To hear.  To understand her story.…

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Becoming a Voice

Every person that we come into contact has a different interpretation of experiences. This is what makes us unique. We bring so many different things to the table… personal experience, heredity, culture, and even relational history. Our mindset is the way we view the world. And yet, our perspectives can shift and change. Managers face the…

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