How to start your day over


For several years in my life I had a weird habit.  During my morning routine, if something negative happened, I would think to myself, “It’s going to be one of THOSE days!”  When a second negative thing happened, I knew my day was doomed. Funny thing is I was usually right as I would spend the day looking…

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Negativity, Threat and Spiders


I recently read a Facebook post that asked the question, “Why is negativity so much stickier than positivity?”. The short answer is because we have a brain. Yes, blame it on your brain. After all, the brain’s primary operating principle is “Safety First”. The brain is wired to continually scan the environment in search of potential threats.…

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Positivity is a requirement for lasting change


There are no shortages of “reasons” to convince us to change something important in our lives. We get it! So can we finally understand that long term change comes from our brains, not from a pill or a heavy dose of shame?   And here’s the thing, your brain makes decisions for you all the…

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