Brain-Based Coach

What Coaching Can Do For You

What does your current state look like?  If you are like many of my clients it might sound something like the following: I have too many meetings; not enough time; too much to do; I am pulled in a million directions; I can’t focus, I don’t even know what my priorities are, let alone know…

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What is ‘Coaching’?

Written by Katlynn R., client of Elation. Posted with permission. Sometimes in life, dreams seem to be very far out of reach. Maybe even forgotten. Maybe, they just become such a vague idea of something we want that we don’t even know it’s a dream or goal anymore. So what do we do? How to…

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Would Batman or Wonder Woman see it the same way?

One of my favorite coaching tools is a simple tool called REFRAMING. Reframing is all about transforming our perspective so as to come up with new ideas and/or solutions to a problem. It is about trying on different lenses so that our brains can process difficult information and create new results. If Batman or Wonder…

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