Becoming a Voice

Every person that we come into contact has a different interpretation of experiences. This is what makes us unique. We bring so many different things to the table…

  • personal experience,
  • heredity,
  • culture,
  • and even relational history.

Our mindset is the way we view the world. And yet, our perspectives can shift and change.

Managers face the daily challenge of working with difficult people. But yet, in the midst of this difficulty, we discover leadership gems.

People! They can be difficult to work with and understand. Yet, there is so much beauty that comes from experiences when we work well together as cohesive teams. As a coach, I am learning that at the end of the day people want to be heard. They want their voices and ideas to be recognized in the midst of the noise. In any organization we face head on the question of, “Does my contribution even matter?”

How do I become a voice that is not dismissed? I learn to communicate with quality and common purpose. Sometimes this means holding back and processing my thoughts before blurting them out. And other times this means speaking with the emotion that brims from the heart. This means testing new ways of thinking and asking for feedback.

What would it look like if we allowed ourselves to be a little bit vulnerable with:

  • our teams,
  • our friends,
  • our family,
  • our co-workers?

As I work with people I am learning that it is not important what you tend to say. It is important what you hear. How can you be intentional with your communication? Be thoughtful and present today and you might just discover a new way of living and being.