Make Yourself Uncomfortable

“What is one thing you could do, at practice today, that will make you uncomfortable to help us get better?” That is the question that my dad asked each one of his players at the beginning of a volleyball practice. Each girl pondered for a few moments, then answered this somewhat difficult question. For some of…

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The Mindset of Engagement

Last night I went to the mall for the first time in several months and was reminded why I stay away from that place.  My husband and I were on the hunt for some professional clothing items for an upcoming press event. Each retail store we stepped into provided similar experiences. Retail Store #1: The first…

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What Does Your Life Speak?


What is my life going to speak? When I think about this question I begin to wonder what my life/ lifestyle communicates to people. What do I talk about on a consistent basis? When I communicate with people what do they walk away with? Is my life’s mission communicated through the way that I live?…

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Dealing with Negative Realities


Negative realities. It’s a part of life.  Whether we realize it or not.  Last week I was helping my dad clean out his office and we stumbled upon some old media guides from my days as a collegiate athlete. To put it simply my four years of college volleyball were less than stellar. My career…

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Show Up On Purpose


In the game of volleyball the serve is the only thing that you can control. The athlete chooses how they will serve the ball…..short, deep, top spin, float……and they get to choose the zone that they serve the ball to. This is also true of our leadership. We get to choose how we serve, where…

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Practice Makes Perfect


I had the unique opportunity to play and coach college volleyball. As an athlete I would spend hours upon hours practicing for game day. In fact, the other day I attempted to count the number of hours I spent practicing. I started playing volleyball in sixth grade and finished playing when I was 26 years…

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Sad Soul


I want to tell you a story.  It’s a story of a sad soul.  Her entire life she never felt like she was good enough.  Life had taken it’s toll on her.  Keeping her hostage from freedom and happiness.  When I met this sad soul, I listened to connect.  To hear.  To understand her story.…

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Break the Mold


“Never underestimate the magnitude of the forces that reinforce complacency and that help maintain the status quo.” -John Kotter I love working with people both young and old. What I love even more is when they start to “get it.” When they begin to probe and ask deeper questions like: Why am I here? What…

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Put Quality over Quantity: Ditch Multi-tasking

I recently had a conversation with a client who told me that one of her greatest strengths is that she is fantastic at multi-tasking! New neuroscience research proves that multi-tasking is next to impossible. You mean to say that I can’t check my email, work on the report, and have a meeting and IM all…

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You are what you think

Have you ever spent time around people who are too smart to think? They have an uncanny ability to recite information verbatim from a book, but when asked to come up with an original thought they struggle immensely. Working for Elation, one of the most important lessons that I have learned is: “How you think…

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